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Tips for Dealing with Volcanic Ash

Tips for Dealing with Volcanic Ash.

The eruption of Mount Merapi very concern us all. Do not forget, volcanic dust a threat to us.

Here are tips to face volcanic ash, quoted from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality:

1. Try to stay indoors as much as possible or a place of refuge, this is to minimize exposure to dust. Also avoid heavy activity.

2. If you have asthma or other respiratory problems, make sure it has adequate drug supply and management learned breathing. If there is other respiratory problems contact your doctor immediately.

3. Try to avoid the door or window when the accumulation of ash coming.

4. If you want to go out, use a face mask to reduce inhalation of ash particles. Using a mask can indeed make an advanced airway is more difficult, but it is important to avoid inhalation of dust.

5. If no mask, use a handkerchief, cloth or other clothing that can filter out particles of ash. To improve its effectiveness could dampen the cloth with water.

6. Use sunglasses and contact lenses that release to protect the eyes from irritation.

7. Try to always use long sleeves and long pants if you want to move or clean out the ashes.

8. Be careful when consuming drinking water, keep the water consumed is not exposed or contaminated with volcanic ash.

9. Try to prepare a first aid such as medicine, drink, food and clothes.

10. If affected by burns, injuries and inhaling gases or ash, seek immediate medical assistance to get treatment.

11. Burns caused by the volcanic ash generally deeper and can reach the muscle, it is necessary for the immediate relief that the widespread burns that can result in death.

What about the car / your vehicle?

1. Double-check the condition of the machine.

2. Clean up promptly and AC Air Filter

3. Steam Car Wash your Body

4. Volcanic dust containing silica is very high, and can cause scratches on the glass and the body of the car when directly swabbed fabric.

5. Make sure your car lighting function, because the decreased visibility during the rain of volcanic ash

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