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Top 10 Least Taxed States

You’ll be surprised at the 10 least expensive states to live.

10. Arizona-Hot Arizona is hot for retirees. And low taxes. Sales taxes are 6.3% and the highest you’ll pay in income taxes is 4.54%. AND there is no state property tax.

9. Louisiana-Louisiana’s sales tax is as low as 4% with income tax between 2-6%. Louisiana also has the top 5 least expensive places to live at an average of $115 in property taxes! Vernon Parish, Allen Parish, Franklin Parish, Richland Parish and Assumption Parish.

8. Texas-When Texans boast of their big state they don’t have to boast of big taxes. No personal income taxes and 6% sales tax with food and prescription and non-prescription exempt. 

7. Tennessee-Salaries, wages, Social Security, IRAs and pension income are not taxed. State tax is 7% on tangible property and 6% on food and food ingredients. 

6. South Dakota-No personal tax in South Dakota and a modest 4% sales tax.

5. New Hampshire-Planning a trip to New Hampshire? Go shopping because there is no sales tax. BUT you will pay 8% lodging and restaurant taxes. There is no income tax as well.

4. Florida-Another state with no income taxes! Food, prescription and non-prescription drugs are also excluded from the 6% sales tax.

3. Wyoming-Ready for this states taxes? 1% sales tax and no income taxes! They also have several property tax relief programs.

2. Nevada-No gambling on this state with no income taxes and 6.85% sales tax.

1. Alaska-Drum roll, please! Alaska has wild life, snow and glaciers. Alaska does not have: sales taxes, income taxes, no gas or diesel taxes and in some municipalities, property taxes! 

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