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Traveling to The Interesting England

England, with its fascinating beauty is a place worth traveling to.

England, it is one of the biggest region in United Kingdom (UK), the  country including Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales,  and the Channel Islands (Guernsey and Jersey). A few but not all are part of Great Britain. England has a population of 12 times larger than Louisiana although they have almost the same size.

Filled with sufficient riches and things to see, London lures people with its wonderful museums, royal ceremony, endless shopping opportunities and thrilling nightlife. Its famous sights including the Westminster Abbey, the British Museum, the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, its many stunning parks and pubs offer boundless possibilities for entertainment and education.

For England Travelers always keep in mind some important features and foods in the country that you don’t want to miss.  Great English Cheeses- the England’s green pastures more than 700 types of cheese, in which some English eat at any time except on breakfast. Cheddar, Cheshire, Double and Single Gloucester, Lancashire, Shropshire Blue, Blue Stilton and Wensleydale to name a few. Creamy and smooth, blue and smelly or nutty and tasty, cheeses turn up in sandwiches and soups, on toast, as a topping, and on cheese boards at the end of a meal

England has wide variety of dessert like trifle, fool, and sticky toffee pudding. Also available are fruit crumbles, hot steamed puddings, eton mess, and the most of seasonal fruits and traditional spices.  

5 Tips To Travel Safely

  1. Always check the travel warnings and signs for the country you want to go and register your trip with your embassy to get the warnings notices and updates.
  2. Register your trip online with your embassy in the countries you are planning to go before you travel. So that In case of emergency it will be very helpful for the embassy to get your contact details.
  3. Choose a travel insurance that covers you for the places you visit and for the special activities you want to do.  Before you choose insurance read the contract carefully.
  4. If you are a student make sure your passport is valid and of course signed, your visa should also be in the ready and don’t forget to complete the section where your emergency information is indicated.  Scan your passport or have it copies in triplicate. Send a copy on your email, leave one with your family and love ones and put the last one in your purse or wallet.
  5. When deciding which country to visit read the Consular Information Sheets, be on the lookout for Travel Warnings in case you have made your choice.  Take note of important information, keep a record of phone numbers, all necessary documents, maps and travel guides.

It would be very helpful to do some a research for the country you are planning to visit to make your vacation interesting and worthwhile and always plan ahead of time to avoid some hassle on your trip. 

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