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United State’s Government Black Programs: Top Secret Aircraft or UFO Pictures

These are some rumored government black programs dealing with top secret experimental aircraft. Along with descriptions of each program are pictures of each craft. Many UFO reports could be sightings of these aircrafts being test flown.

Government black programs.  What other three words bring so much speculation and controversy to so many people.  Is our government building top secret aircraft and testing them in the USA airspace?  The answer is obviously yes and it would be extremely ignorant for anyone to not think so.  All we have to do is look at the stealth aircrafts that were declassified in the 1990’s but flown since the 1980’s.  These aircraft still remind people of UFO’s and it is no doubt that any new aircraft we are currently testing would lead to more UFO reports.  So, what are some rumored black programs thought to exist?  Below I have listed some of the most reported ones in both sightings and information leaked. 

1.)  Aurora: — Supposedly developed in the 1980’s to replace the SR-71 Blackbird, this aircraft is rumored to be capable of hypersonic flight.  While numerous sightings were reported in the late 80’s and early 90’s, reports have since declined as it is supposed that the Aurora may have been replaced by another secret black program.  Whatever the case, the Aurora aircraft seems to definitely had at least a few models in the air during the past several decades.

2.)  TR3-B:  Also known as the flying triangle, this nuclear powered aircraft supposedly costs more than one billion dollars to develop and reports of around 8-10 of them have been produced up to 2008.  A combination plasma and nuclear engines are reported to be on this aircraft along with some strange technology that can reduce the aircraft’s mass to less than 85%.  This aircraft has been spotted very frequently in the past twenty years and is often mistaken as a UFO.


3.)  LockHeed X22-A:  Reported to be a 2 person anti-gravity disc fighter.  This craft is reported to be capable of traveling into space and is used solely by military astronauts.  The craft is also reported to have a particle beam weapon on board.  Sightings of this craft are rare though.

So, there you have some of the most suspected military black aircraft programs in the USA.  According to numerous sources, our government is spending more than 400 billion dollars this year on “black” programs so there are numerous more programs out there besides these three listed above.  I personally cannot wait to see what will be developed.  It is just unfortunate that it takes so long to declassify these types of programs to the public.

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