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What Steps Should India Take to Become a Prosperous and Secure Nation in Next Five Years?

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What Steps Should India Take to Become a Prosperous and Secure Nation in Next 5 Years?

Mainly focus on economic growth, make sure that the results of development reach every corner of the country. Keep a strong stand on across border terrorism and intra-nation terrorism. Develop its infrastructure and education. Do one child Policy, remove useless political parties and only keep the parties that guide the country. Remove illegal houses and remove corrupt police officers. Make today’s, oldest and future cities planned;


. Make proper Rules of road and traffic.

.Make perfect transportations (i.e. Metro, Busses, taxies, etc) with planning of future.

. Make future houses by planning with future developing areas.

. Make rules for citizens to follow; .i.e.

                                      . A proper garbage truck in each city and one proper place to throw the garbage.  

                                      . Try keeping the place clean, and free.

. Make shopping molls for the sellers (selling in a house or an unregistered place are now illegal as declared by the government.)


. Remove all slum houses and slum peoples from the city and make a “slum only” area for them to stay, live and work for money.


. Security must be there in each city.  


The government must take controls on political, social and economic conditions. To make India secure and ready to attack in any time;


. The government should offer high salary to the army, Navy and Air force; this will result as a gaining of people on these forces.


. Make responsible and trusted generals which will command to the fighters at the right time in the right place.


. The Army, Navy and Air force should get good fireworks and do regular training.


. Each city should do one safety/emergency training in a month to get ready for emergency.


India is the second largest populated country in the world. It will be the highest populated country after 50 years because china got communist and India got Democracy. India should remain at Democracy but also have ‘One Child Policy’. U.S.A got all government schools offering free education to all children. India should follow the same procedure to make India Advanced. America got jobs listed down in Internet, newspapers, television, shops/ molls, etc. So the peoples at U.S.A do not have to struggle for available jobs. India will become very controllable if it followed the above lines.


Government should provide good and easy facilities for sports like football, table tennis, Lon tennis, hockey, badminton etc. At this time India got very talented peoples hidden in the corners of India. India should advertise on televisions, newspapers, radio, Internet about the audition of the sports talented peoples. In this way India will reach the top 10’s High scores in almost all sports.


(Respectively:- by reading this carefully, you will realize; Every thing is simply and basically is in front of our eyes, all we have to do is just follow them.)  


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