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Who is Fooling Who, Gloria Allred?

Politics is a dirty game in particular when it comes to seeking publicity using character assassination tactics.

Right now in California we are being entertained or annoyed, depending on how you see it, with the election campaigns for the Governor seat. The parties involved are Meg Whitman who is running under the Republican party and Jerry Brown who is in the Democratic party.

Meg Whitman is said to be a billionaire and is a former eBay CEO. Jerry Brown on the other hand seems to be a career politician and is a former Governor of California and the current Attorney General. The outgoing governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Liberal Republican, has learnt through his tenure that California is not an easy state to govern.

The important issues in California at the moment are unemployment which is tied to the economy and immigration issues. California has one of the highest unemployed people in the country with just as many foreclosures. California is also said to have a high concentration of illegal immigrants and because of the bad economy and unemployment issues, illegal immigration has become a hot button of politics.

Anyway, matters have recently become interesting if not annoying, because Meg Whitman’s former maid, one Nicky Diaz Santillan had a revelation, perhaps illuminated by her lawyer Gloria Allred.  Suddenly Ms Diaz has  accusation against her former employer, Meg Whitman for being unfairly fired. Whenever Ms Allred is involved in a case there is always some scandal to go with it, and this one is no exception. The only problem is that the case, if there be one, is being tried in the media as opposed to the courts where such allegations, in my opinion belong.

According to Nicky Diaz, Ms Whitman hired her as a maid for 9 years and was fired in 2009 when Ms Whitman decided to run for the California’s Governors seat. So she was fired in 2009 and only now has she through Ms Allred decided that she was wronged. Oh, and by the way, Ms Allred, as has been established, is a supporter of Jerry Brown and has previously contributed to his campaign. Coincidence? You be the judge.

The reason for Ms Diaz being fired apparently was because she is an illegal immigrant. Ms Diaz claims that Ms Whitman knew all along that she was an illegal immigrant and only fired her to ensure that she did not jeopardize her political career. Ms Whitman on the other hand claims that Ms Diaz had provided a social security card and drivers license and she had no way of knowing that she was illegal. According to her when she found out that Ms Diaz was illegal, she let her go without turning her over to immigration.

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