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10 Dynasties That Reigned the Longest in History

Check out the 10 longest dynasties in history.

 A dynasty is a succession of sovereigns in one line of family descent governing the same country. Many countries around the world were ruled by dynasts or monarchs for hundred and even thousands of years. At present, there are still a few countries or kingdom being ruled by monarchs.

1. Dulo Dynasty (2137 BC – 753 AD)

The dynasty that ruled the longest in history is the Dulo Clan or the House of Dulo of Bulgaria. It ruled for 2,890 years. The Dulo Clan or the House of Dulo was the name of the ruling dynasty of the early Bulgars. It was the clan of Kubrat, founder of the Onogur state of Bulgars and Avars, also known as the Old Great Bulgaria. His sons later founded Danube Bulgaria.

2. Imperial House of Japan (660 BCE to the present)

The Imperial House of Japan is the longest-surviving dynasty that ruled in the world. It is also referred to as the Imperial Family and has been continuously reigning for 2,669 years already. It is also known as the Yamato Dynasty or the Chrysanthemum Throne. Under the present Constitution of Japan, the emperor is the symbol of the state and unity of the people. Although he is not technically head of state, he is frequently treated as one. Other members of the imperial family perform ceremonial and social duties, but have no role in the affairs of government. This monarchy is the oldest continuous hereditary monarchy in the world still in existence. The imperial house recognizes 125 legitimate monarchs since the accession of Emperor Jimmu (traditionally dated to February 11, 660 BC). It’s present or reigning emperor is Akihito.

3. Hong Bang Dynasty (2897 BCE – 258 BCE)

 The Hong Bang Dynasty of Vietnam (supposedly) reigned for 2,639 years from 2897 up to 258 BC. This dynasty is also called the Lạc Dynasty. The founder of this dynasty is said to have been Hung Vuong. There are many legends surrounding it, but little verifiable historical information is known about this dynasty.

4. Gojoseon Dynasty (2333 BCE – 108 BCE)

According to legend, Gojoseon dynasty ruled for 2,225 years. It was an ancient kingdom in Korea and is regarded as the first proper of nation of the people of Korea. According to some records of Korean medieval-era, Gojoseon is said to have been founded in 2333 BC by the legendary Dangun. Archaeological evidence of Gojoseon is found in the transition from the Jeilmun pottery to the Mumun pottery around 1500 BCE, when groups of semi-sedentary small-scale agriculturalists occupied most of the Korean peninsula. Local bronze production began around the 8th century BC. Modern historians generally believe it developed into a powerful federation or kingdom between 7th and 4th centuries BCE.

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    The KATOCH Dynasty of Kangra, India is the oldest surviving dynasty in the world.
    This clan finds its fist written recorded mention in the war records of Alexander the Great, making them 2400 years old and still surviving though the princely order has been abolished in India and the family is now an erst-while Royal Family. The are still the oldest, mythological records takes them back to 6400 years.

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