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10 People with Extra Body Parts

These genetic defects that doctors call themsupernumerary body parts are not as rare as you might think. Here are a few people who can give to others and a handful (or a leg, a head …).

  • 1. About Anne Boleyn , second wife of King Henry VIII of England, is believed to have 11 fingers and a third breast . Historians believe that the 11th-century finger was indeed real, but disagree with the existence of the third breast. They say that this myth has been spread in the Tudor dynasty, when a third breast was considered as a sign of witchcraft. 

    Antonio Alfonseca: 2 degete la fiecare mana

  • 2. Although baseball player Antonio Alfonseca has six fingers on each hand , he said that they did not bother him because the game does not really touch the ball with them. In most cases polidactilism (extra toes), finger extra mobility is limited or even property and is surgically removed soon after birth. This disease occurs in about one child in 500. 

  • 3. In 2006, a 24 year old man from India was hospitalized in a clinic in New Delhi and asked her doctors to surgically remove the second penis , to be able to marry and have a normal sex life. Doctors have not revealed the identity of the man, but confirmed that the operation took place. This disease, called diphallia is extremely rare, only 100 cases were registered. 

    Rebeca Martinez: al doilea cap

  • 4. Craniopagus parasiticus is a disease in which the child is born with aparasitic second head . The head has no additional functional brain, which is the condition that differentiate conjoined twins disease. The baby is actually born with Gemini or dead head, attached to the body. There were only eight such cases, of which only three have survived birth. One of these children was also Rebeca Martinez was born in the Dominican Republic, which has undergone surgery to remove the extra head, but died 11 hours after surgery. 

    Mark Wahlberg: al treilea sfarc

  • 5. Actor Mark Wahlberg has a third nipple on his chest. Early in his career, the actor wanted to remove his nipple, but finally changed his mind and come to accept it.Approximately 2% of women, but men (in smaller numbers), each have a supernumerary nipple, although it is often confused with a mole. Supernumerary nipples may appear on the arms, groin or chest, and in varying sizes, from a mole to a breast in miniature, which is sometimes capable of lactation. 

  • 6. Hermafroditismul - condition in which the child is born with both reproductive organs (female or male) – is more common than you might think, there are about 1% of the population. This disease often causes problems and socio-professional identity of the individual. 

    Jie-Jie: doua maini stangi

  • 7. In 2006, a boy named Jie-jie was born in China with two left arms . Although all three arms looked normal, none of the second left was not fully functional.Therefore, doctors surgically removed the left arm closest to his chest after tests revealed it was the least developed. 

    Francesco Lentini: 3 picioare si 2 aparate genitale

  • 8. Lentin Francesco , born in Sicily in 1889, was born with three legs and two genital apparatus . All these parts came from further injury or Siamese twin who died in his mother’s womb. Rejected by his parents, Lentin was raised by an aunt, and then was moved into a home for children with disabilities and the eight years he went to America. This has turned into Grand Lentin , joining the circus and doing performances at fairs. Married, four children grew up and lived a long life, dying at the age of 78 years. 

    Oriflame Josephine Myrtle Corbin: 2 pelvisuri si 4 picioare

  • 9. Josephine Myrtle Corbin was born in 1868, was born with two separate pelvises and four legs . She could move all four feet, but were insufficiently developed to go with them. Like Lentin, and she joined the circus, she married a doctor with whom he had five children. Legend says that three of her children were born of a pelvis, and pelvis in the other two. 

    Hannah Kersey: 2 utere

  • 10. Can you find it unusual for a woman to have two uterus , but this disease called cancer didelphis , occurs in 1 in 1,000 women. Hannah Kersey , mother and sister have all three by two uterus. Hannah made ​​history in 2006 when she gave birth to triplets: a set of identical twins in a womb, and one sister from the other womb. This case is unique in history, and doctors estimate that the probability of not occur is 1 in 25 million births.
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