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10 Reasons Why Barack Obama Should Not be Reelected

This is an article giving reason why President Barack Obama should not be reelected.

The following list gives 10 reasons why president Obama should not be reelected. They are not in any particular order. They also all have had a negative effect on the U. S. economy.

1.      Obama’s off shore oil drilling ban. Obama’s continues to block deep water drilling permits in the Golf Mexico while aiding other countries like Brazil to drill there. This along with other hindrances to oil drilling in the U.S. has kept gasoline prices high and caused the loss of many jobs.

 2.       Obama Care has caused an increase in insurance premiums and it is one of the biggest job killers there is. Business owners have repeatedly indicated that the uncertainties in future expenses created by Obama Care are a major reason for them not hiring.

3.      So called finance reform has raised some of the costs of banks doing business which has been passed on to costumers and hampered lending.

4.      General increased regulations stifle businesses in more ways than can be counted including forcing others out of business.

5.      Cap and Trade through EPA regulating Carbon dioxide as a Pollutant. This will inevitably send energy prices though the roof. Obama even admitted this while running for president saying that “Energy prices would necessarily sky rocket.” This will harm an already weak economy.

6.      Repeated bailouts of failing big corporations there by preventing the correction that would have brought the economy back by now if nothing had been done.

7.      Crony Capitalism which is the Government artificially propping up favors companies that cant survive in the free market. This actually putts other companies at an artificial disadvantage.

8.      Treating job creators with tax increases through class warfare thus retarding job creation.

9.      Excessive government spending resulting from number’s 1-8 sending the federal deficit and debt through the roof.

10.  Playing political games instead of actually dealing with problems.  This includes pushing proposals like his so called jobs bill that he knows can’t pass congress for the purposes of attacking congress over it.                

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