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12 US Presidents Who Did Not Serve in Uniform

These 12 U.S. Commander-in-Chiefs who have not served in the armed forces.

Who knows why a U.S. president didn’t serve in the armed forces? Maybe there wasn’t a war at the time or the president didn’t believe in the war; whatever the reason, out of over 40 U.S. presidents, 12 did not serve in an armed forces branch.

Starting with the most recent presidents who have not served in uniform:

Barrack Obama – No active service. He is the first African American to hold the office of U.S. President as well as the 44th and current president. He also served three terms in the Illinois Senate.

Bill Clinton – Received a draft deferment to avoid Vietnam War. He was the 42nd and third youngest president. Bill Clinton served two terms.

Franklin D. Roosevelt – Roosevelt tried to join Navy during Spanish American War but contracted measles; He served as Assistant Secretary of Navy through WWI. When the U.S. entered the war he want to resign to join the Navy but the president refused him.

Herbert Hoover – Worked in Europe during WWI as humanitarian. He organized 120,000 Americans to be returned to America at the start of WWI. President Wilson appointed Hoover head of U.S. Food Administration.

Calvin Coolidge – Named “Commander-in-Chief” as governor of Massachusetts. He served in the House of Representatives, Senate, Lieutenant Governor and Governor.

Warren G. Harding – No active service. Served in the Ohio Senate and as Lieutenant Governor. He later served as a U.S. Senator.

Woodrow Wilson - Served as U.S. President during WWI. Served as Governor of New Jersey. Involved WWI Versilles Peace Treaty.

William H. Taft – Served as Secretary of War under President Roosevelt. Served as 10th Chief Justice of United States.

Grover Cleveland – Paid $150 for a substitute in Civil War which was legal at the time.  His sub survived.  Cleveland served as 22nd and 24th president of the United States. He was a sheriff of Erie County, mayor in Buffalo and governor of New York.

Martin Van Buren – No active service. Served as Secretary of State under Andrew Jackson. He was the first U.S. President to be born an American citizen.

John Quincy Adams – No active service. He did witness Battle of Bunker Hill and he was on a US ship with his father and saw a battle between the US ship and a British Ship during the American Revolution

John Adams – No active service but Adams was was we call Secretary of Defense and was had a small part in the American Revolution on a US ship.

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