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1930’s Fascist Plot Averted in Devil DOG: The Amazing True Story of The Man Who Saved America

General Smedly Butler was many things, but not someone to be led by a bunch of Wall Street moneymen into treason.

DEVIL DOG: The Amazing True Story of the Man Who Saved America, David Talbot, Spain Rodriguez, 2010, The Talbot Players, 151pp, further reading, photo credits

Practically unknown to modern Americans, Smedly D. Butler had a life that would make Doc Savage look like an underachiever. The authors combine graphuic novel, historical narrative, sidebars, and photographs to create a “pulp history” about a genuine forgotten hero.

Two-time winner of the Medal of Honor (do you have any concept how rare that is?), Butler fought as a Marine in China and during the so-called Banana Republican wars. After the war, he denounced the corporations that used his Marines to further their agenda in small foreign countries.

Then he performed his greatest deed. Smedly Butler told Congress he had been approached by Wall Street bankers from J. P. Morgan, and others, including the father of George W. Bush, to execute a fascist plot to overthrow the government of the United States.

Their sly plan was to use veterans led by Butler to get an advisor appointed to aid the president who would actually supplant Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt. The plot was swept under the rug by both parties for differing reasons, but the important thing is it was destroyed before the self-important moneymen could establish a government to their liking mimicking their good buddy, Adolf Hitler.  And we know what a great guy he turned out to be.

An excellent choice of subject, worth remebering, even if Butler did become such a peace advocate that he ignored Hitler in the West and Imperial Japan in the East. He did before America entered the war.  The book’s style and contents are both excellent.

Liked it
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