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450 Fans!

Wow I stopped checking Triond for three months and my fans doubled.

Hi there! The title and description say it all, 450 fans! Sadly my views don’t reflect this number, so I have written this article to see how many of my fans read my articles.

The reason I haven’t been writing much is because I just started University! I am doing Engineering :) .

My original goal when I started writing here was 100 fans, I achieved this in late December 2010 and wrote this article (if you clicked it please excuse the grammatical errors). In the article for 100 fans I set myself the goal of reaching 200 fans and within 2 months I reached over 200 fans and wrote this article. Now here I am with another article telling you how I have reached 450 fans! It has been about a year and my fans have doubled, if my fan count doubles by next year that would be awesome! To whoever is reading this, thank you! And if you are my fan, thanks for clicking on my article in the news feed! 

Now to wait and see how many of my fans read this.

Thanks for reading, Twistay.

p.s. Please leave a comment telling me what you think of this article and any other articles of mine you have read.

Like this one.

p.s.s. Incase you didn’t notice “this” is hyperlinked to 3 of my articles, the 100 fan article, 200 fan article and the “Are You Afraid to Comment?” article.

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  1. briantaylor1992

    On March 19, 2012 at 4:03 am

    Congrats! Though the reason you aren’t getting as many views as you’d like is simple. Many people will “fan” you with the idea that you’ll think they view your articles, in return that you will “fan” and view in return. The majority of the time, of they actually read it, they’ll leave a bogus comment that’s maybe 3-4 words like “good information here” or something, thinking they’ll get a comment back. Good luck though!

    As for college, I started this past year myself. I attend the University of Florida. It’s a bit difficult to keep up with Triond these days.

  2. ebasearticles

    On March 19, 2012 at 6:14 am

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