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A Detailed Review on &Lsquo;gulliver’s Travels’

A DETAILED REVIEW ON ‘Gulliver’s Travels’

Published in 1726, Gulliver’s Travels is a satire. In this book, Swift satirises politics and human nature of the people in the English society in the eighteenth century.


Jonathan Swift (30 November 1667 – 19 October 1745), born in Dublin, is one of the most well known satirist, essayist, and political pamphleteer of the eighteenth century England. He studied at Kilkenny College and graduated from the Trinity College, Dublin.

He began his career by working as a diplomat and writer to William Temple at Moor Park. From 1696 to 1699, Swift came up with his two major works, A Tale of a Tub and The Battle of the Books. He also wrote several essays, poetry and pamphlets.


Lemuel Gulliver – The protagonist of the novel, a learned surgeon by profession belonging to a middle class family of Nottinghamshire. His character keeps changing as the story proceeds. He is adventurous by nature and loves to explore.

Reldresal – He is the Principal Secretary of Private Affairs of Lilliput and well-wisher of Gulliver, he informs him about the political affairs of Lilliput.

Emperor of Lilliput – The portrait of the emperor is a satire on the autocratic rule and a serious expression of political power in England. He is vulnerable to manipulation; he is easily influenced by his officials, Skyresh Bolgolam and Flimnap.

The emperor of Blefuscu – He is a humble character and has firm personality. He seems to be a more kind and wise ruler as compared to the emperor of Lilliput.

Flimnap and Skyresh Bolgolam – Flimnap, the treasurer, and Skyresh Bolgolam, the high-admiral, are two most corrupt court officials in Lilliput.

Flimnap and Skyresh being the kings favourite; could easily manipulate him. Both of them become jealous of Gulliver’s success at the court. Both the officials misuse their power to conspire against Gulliver. They exhibit their brutality by suggesting barbaric ways to punish him.

Glumdalclitch – She is the nine-year-old daughter of the farmer in whose house Gulliver is brought upon his first entry in Brobdingnag. She takes good care of Gulliver. She sews clothes for Gulliver, and tries to make his life easy among the other giants in Brobdingnag.

King of Brobdingnag – He is a wise person with moral values, he employs his officials on the basis of their virtues. He is peace loving and abhors the concept of war and gunpowder that is capable of only destruction.

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