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A German Accused of Involvement in The Killing of 642 People During World War Ii

Werner C. is now 88 years old and was one of the members of the Regiment "The Fuhrer" surrounding the French village Oradour sur Glane and killed almost all inhabitants.

Oradour sur Glane, currently preserved as they left the German invaders

C. Werner is a German citizen who at 88 years old did not expect to be held accountable for something that happened almost 60 years ago. The June 10, 1944, during the Battle of Normandy, Werner was part of the Third Company of the First Battalion of the Regiment The Fuhrer, for surround and wipe out everyone in the French village of Oradour sur Glane in the region Limousin, to avenge the murder of a captain of the SS at the hands of the French resistance, the Partisans. “I was there, but did not shoot a single shot, said last Wednesday in this former German fighter Dormunt courts, where he has opened a case against him for participating in one of the worst massacres ever committed. That day in Oradour sur Glane, 642 people were killed. The 190 men of the village were shot, while 245 women and 207 children were locked in the church, the Germans threw hand grenades into the temple and then set fire to the church and all the people. They included 24 Spanish.

Attorney General Dortmund, Andreas Brendel, does not believe in the version of C. Werner, who has always been there but assured that not only did not kill anyone, but he helped save the lives of several people warning them into hiding in the forest and not out of there by any means. Andreas Brendel not believe this version and has assured the German media: “I’m staying stone every time I hear his version.” For fiscal Brendel, C. Werner was directly involved in the execution of 25 men in a barn of the people and of complicity in the death of the other inhabitants of Oradour sur Glane. The veteran and German alleged murderer has also given his version to the media: “It’s a lie, I lived very close the barn scene, but did not fire a single shot, I was ordered to stand guard and protect the vehicles in which we had moved up there, “explains Werner C.

The official version of what happened that tragic June 10 in Limousin no survivors gathers more than a few women with their children and six French citizens who saved Jewish life by the monks of the Abbey of Munch, who gave them shelter until it was dark night, took time to escape for a drainage tunnel 800 meters long that led to the woods. No sign of any survivors to flee to the forest by C. Werner

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