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A Short History of Cushions

Cushions are part of a home’s seatings. But do you know who first used them and how? Yes, cushions too have a history.

Man has always searched for comforts in his life. Whether in home or at work we always want to be comfortable. After a long day of work what is more comfortable than sitting with your loved ones on a soft cushion? The history of cushions starts centuries ago. Cushions were first used by the people of the Roman Empire followed by the Chinese and now they are used in homes all around the world. The word “cushion” originated from the French word “caisson”, which means a soft bag made of some ornamental materials in which wool, feathers or hair is stuffed inside. In simple words cushions were used to sit comfortably on hard surfaces. In ancient times cushions were considered as a luxurious synonym for comfort. They were used by kings and rich people in the society. As said above the romans were the first to use cushions. The beds of Romans, who were the first to use them, were made of marble and were cushioned using soft wood chips. In those days cushions were considered luxurious and only people having high status such as the senators had the privilege to use them.

The Japanese and Chinese used cushions from very old times. ‘Zafu’ was the name of the round cushion used by the Japanese. The name of this cushion was derived from the materials used to make it, ‘Za’ means seat and ‘Fu’ means cat-tail or reed mace. ‘Zafu’ was made by stuffing fibers into a soft fluffy cloth. These fibers were taken from disintegrating reed mace and seed hands. They were mostly used while meditating and were well known in those times for their build quality.

Time has changed and so have the life style of people, but still cushions are part of our homes. The old wooden cushions and Zafu are replaced by Inflatable air cushions and many other varieties.

Let us now take a look of the various types of cushions used now.
• Embroidered cushions- Embroidered cushions can be designed in accordance with a particular region or period. They may be designed with the scenes of beaches in Miami or the mighty war scenes of the crusades. They make our homes interior exceptional with their spectacular looks.

• Appliqué cushions – it’s said “innovation is the mother of creativity”. Appliqué cushions are for those who are innovative and desire to decorate their homes interior according to their creativity. You can add your loved ones name in an artistic way or can scramble any random text or art in the cushion. Isn’t it great to fill your home with stuff made of your own creativity?

• Brocade cushions –there cushions are for those who love simple things. These are designed with beautiful scenes of nature in light colors. Usually Brocade fibers are used to design wedding dress or stage appearance costumes. Brocade cushions are well known for their build quality and comfort.

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