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A Skeptic Writing About The Abraham Hicks Scam

Questioning the Abraham Hicks Scam and, specifically, the business run by Jerry and Esther Hicks has shown me a lot about what people believe and disbelieve and what makes them crazy.

About what came to believe is the Abraham Hicks Scam, I wrote Does Jerry Hicks Cancer Mean The Death of Abraham Hicks? It very quickly became my most read article and prompted a steady stream of interesting comments.

A few people wrote that they were relieved that they were relieved to have someone expose the scam Esther and Jerry Hicks has used to rake in followers and their money. Some told stories about illnesses and bitterness between friends that came from following Abraham Hicks.

An intense group of writers was bitter. “I love you. I hope you die soon,” one wrote. Others, latching onto a common political theme, accused me of threatening jobs by damaging the Abraham Hicks Publishing business. Some were so agitated that went all over the place with accusations, attacking me personally, ignoring the details being presented.

A few wrote that I should just shut up since I didn’t know what I was talking about, and a suspicious group tried to befriend me while defending Jerry Hicks. Fewer defended Esther.

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In responding to The Death of Abraham Hicks, I was joined by my friend and fellow skeptic, Kyra of the blog Kyra Speaks, and others, including the exceptionally well-written and informed Carol Simsak. 

But something suspicious seemed to be going on. Many of the critics, especially the most emotional, used similar accusations and styles. Syntax, a tricky component to identify, also seemed to mirror across numerous user names. One consistent thing was that, nearly without exception, they posted their comments at the very first opportunity, even though they’d read only 20% of the content and other chances were available ahead. It seemed like they jumped in with prepared content and posted it without reading the content they were attacking.

One smart friend of mine, who will benefit most my remaining nameless, decided to do research on the critics who were attacking The Death of Abraham Hicks as well as Kyra Speaks. What was discovered was interesting.

A high percentage of the angry and negative posters, it turned out, were logging in from the same IP address (the same computer, almost certainly), and their location was in close driving distance of Abraham Hicks Publications headquarters in Texas. 

We began openly referring to these posters as sock puppets.

We can’t prove, nor have we tried to prove, that the negative commenters were all the same person, nor that they were organized by Abraham Hicks Publications to attack The Death of Abraham Hicks. The evidence may speak for itself, and any suspicions increased when we learned how close this tactic was to one known to have been used by Jerry Hicks.

Jerry Hicks, eager to quash any criticism about the Abraham Hicks Scam, grew increasingly Internet aware and had a habit of staying up through much of the night looking for negative comments. Then, rather than use his own identity, he contacted employees and sent them out to debate in his behalf. The syrupy content of much of what you see in reviews of Abraham Hicks products on Amazon is a good example. 

There was an exhausting exchange between Jody Baron, who has since left the Abraham-Hicks family, and Wikipedia, where the authors were dubious about Esther Hicks channeling claims. 

More recently, the comments have declined in number, especially the sock puppets, and the timing is surprisingly consistent with the apparent shuttering of the Abraham Hicks operation. Their heavily pitched series of online workshops, Abraham Hicks LIVE, has been cancelled and, after more cancellations, only a single Abraham Hicks Workshop remains. 

Whether the upcoming retreat is merely a hiatus or permanent is unknown. We can only guess at the cause. Is it Jerry Hicks health? A sharp decline in attendance and subscriptions? Or just exhaustion?

My guess is that Esther and Jerry Hicks have found their operation so lucrative, they will try to resurrect the Abraham Hicks Scam in some way. One thing for certain: we will keep watching and writing about it.

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