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A Very Interesting Account of Malacca Strait

The Gateway of the Most Important Seaway of the World
The beach is unique in its beauty and tidiness

The great tourist of Venice City, Marco polo served the King Kublai Khan of China for 17 years. He was not only the special advisor of the King but also the center of his grants. Kublai Khan was the super power of his age and his court was the super court. But Marco Polo was getting fed up of this court and recalling his home very much.

He requested the King for leave, which was accepted reluctantly. Then he started his journey with his father, uncle and 600 people in yachts to his way back home to Venice city of Italy. He entered from China to the Indian Ocean through Malacca, since it was the only way that joins Indian Ocean to South China Sea.

It was also the most important seaway 8 centuries back as it is now, where big trading ships used to transfer merchandize from China, Japan and other countries of the Pacific Ocean to India, Middle East, Europe and African countries. That’s why it is also known as “World’s Seaway”. One of the gates of this seaway is “Malacca”, which is also the city of Malaysia and on the other side is “Sumatra”, the important city of Indonesia.

The cool snowy breeze still blows the same way as used to in 1292, when Marco polo had to settle for five months along with his sea caravan in Sumatra waiting for the settling down of the climate. But even the worst thing that Marco polo had to face was the sea piracy, which he had to face many times. This problems is still alive, but at that time the weapons were not as sophisticated as they are now.

Marco polo writes, “Only 18 people could reach safe and sound to Venice among 600 people. My father and uncle were also among them. Though our clothes were turned into rags but diamonds were still fixed on them, which Kublai Khan had granted us at the time of our departure”.

The Malacca is situated 148 kilometers west of Kuala Lumpur. There is a never endings series of forest between these two cities. The trees in the forest are mainly rubber producing trees. A scar has been made on the tree trunk and a vessel similar to cooking pot has been attached beside that scar for collecting rubber in the shape of thick juice which afterwards turns into rubber.

Rubber is the main export of Malaysia but the arrival of artificial plastic has reduced this export to much extent because of its cheaper rates. The road from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca is not a Motor way rather it is a Highway having very low traffic. Few small cities lie between Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. Malacca in fact is the smallest city of Malaysia. It is totally an autonomous state.

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