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Advantages of The South in The Civil War

Advantages of the south in the civil war.

Advantages of the south in the civil war

Many people seem to overlook the advantages the south had in the war. I am going to list 3 key advantages the south had that helped them do some serious damage to the north throughout the war.

1. The south had a cause to fight for. Many southerners thought if they lost, they lose their freedom, their lifesytle. They really fought hard throughout the war because of this. In my opinion, if the north didn’t have over twice the population the south did, the south would of had a way better chance.

2. Generals like Lee. Robert E. Lee was asked to fight for the north by Lincoln. He said sorry, but I must fight for my state of Virginia. Lee didn’t believe in slavery, he just wanted to defend his home. Stonewall Jackson was Lee’s right arm. After Jackson was shot by his own men in the left arm, he later died from infection, Lee said I lost my right arm. Jackson and Lee were two of the greatest generals in the war. The south just had superior military leadership and this showed in battles. The south did do quite a bit of damage to the north if you think about it. Most “union victories” really weren’t victories, the north lost more troops than the south did. How is that a victory?

3. They had home field advantage. The war was fought mainly in the south. Except for a few battles such as gettysburg. I can only think of two or three battles in the north. Gettysburg being one. Gettysburg turned out to be the bloodiest battle in the war. It started because a confederate general try to get shoes for his army. Three days of battle, cannon volleys lasting hours, picketts charge. It was just a horrific battle. The dead everywhere, I can’t imagine how soldiers felt during the battle. Anyway I’m getting off topic. I’m trying to say the one time the south went north it lost. Gettysburg did prove to be the turning point of the war. Home field advantage was a very important.

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