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Amanda Forces Me to Lick Her Shoes

Here is a true tale, I was down the restaurant, I was ordering Indian food and guess what Amanda, my girlfriend, sdays to ne, in fact she orders me to lick her shoes.

We had been out at a pub. I was due to work from 1900 until 0700 am. She said I wil give you a lift home. I was saying to her that I needed to get to work. She said I will give you a lift to work. She did. I jumped into the car and she said, “Can you please first give me a lift to the car?”

I did  so but she insisted I go on all fours and she mounted my back and I had to walk on all fours to her car with her on my back, It was hard she was heavy, although she was just ten stone, she did not want to walk through the puddles. I had to go on all fours and she sat firmly on my back.

Through the puddles I walked, she dug her heels hard into my side. I continued to walk, she said, “move faster, I need to get to Brian’s”, Brian was a dealer who would give her the drug she wanted, I had no choice but to obey her command.

The floor was wet, I was struggling Amanda was dominantly kicking my side. I lifted her to the car.

Part Two follows….

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