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Ambassador Stevens Raped, Murdered, and Paraded Around Benghazi

In the bloody aftermath of surprise attacks by Muslim terrorists upon the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya our Ambassador was raped and murdered then his body was dragged around the city according to Lebanon sources.

According to Libyan sources and other foreign journalists, US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was raped prior to his murder at the hands of Muslim militants who had already gotten inside the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya prior to the outbreak of violence. The question begs for an answer, who let them in, thus compromising US compound security, and why did our embassy security contingent allow the embassy grounds to be breached?

Just minutes before the fatal attack it has been reported that the US Embassy issued an apology to Muslims for any actions by the US that have resulted in offending Muslim faith and the Islamic religion. This in response to violent protests that supposedly occurred due to some obscure movie that had been made that supposedly made fun of Islamist religion. If this is the consistent reaction of Muslims to their perceived insults by westerners or those of other nations with the relentless attacks that have been suffered by Christians though out the world, we can see a definitive difference in the way militant extremists handle adversity using very brutal means. One can hardly call them tolerant, civilized, or trustworthy in the affairs of US national security.

As the militants who had raped, brutalized, and murdered Ambassador Stevens paraded his half naked body jubilantly through the streets of Benghazi, Libya the US media was putting out a story that a photo depicting J. Christopher’s battered half nude body being carried by one of the militants was somehow being rushed to the nearest hospital? Give me a break! Already the American mainstream media was looking for a way to cover for President Obama’s blatant ineptitude and failed foreign policy by making a sickening excuse for a brutal image that gave us a candid insight into the savagery of the Muslim intolerance for any ideology but their own. If a picture were worth a thousand words, than the photo of the ill fated US Ambassador’s brutalized remains being dragged through the streets of Libya should have been a crude wakeup call for not only the bumbling Obama State Department, but for the American people, who are still unaware of just how bad the President and Secretary of state have botched foreign relations and left us knowingly at the mercy of our enemies.

In our country an overthrow is underway. Some call it a soft coup. I don’t. When I see the way that Ambassador Stevens was knowingly left to the dogs as the Obama administration did nothing to assist or evacuate a soon to be embattled US diplomat, I cringe at the intentional lies being spewed by the US media as they try to portray the President as noble while he abandons those who trusted him to back them if things got nasty. How can any US Ambassador presently on foreign soil any where in the world have any faith in a lying and unpatriotic President who will sacrifice the lives of US government officials for the sake of political purpose. These defeatist policies of capitulation demonstrate to the world and to our enemies that America is no longer a super power that conducts itself with honor and strength? How many of our foreign diplomats will start to ask themselves if they are next as America maintains many Embassies through out the world in countries that are not always bastions of civility?


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