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Ancient Greek Contributions

Ancient Greek contributed to the Western civilization.

If you look to the basis of the Western civilization, it can mostly be traced to the ancient Greeks. Which included the people of Macedonia, and the greatest Greek city-states: Sparta and Athens. All of the Greeks’ contributions have helped the Western civilization become what it is today. They made several long lasting contributions, especially in: architecture, government, philosophy, mathematics, and athletics.

One of their contributions was said in Document 1. Document 1 is a quote from a philosopher named Socrates. This document states that Socrates was a philosopher who suggested people to think on their own and think about the purpose of life. Since Socrates believed this way and tried to influence people to think, he was executed for “corrupting” the mind of the next generation. Also, in Document 2 the same contribution is noted. Document 2 quotes Aristotle who was another philosopher that believed that a life guided by human reason was greater than any other. These philosophers both had a thing in common, that people should go by what they believe in. Last of all, today people make their own choices and use their minds in life. In conclusion, philosophy from the Greeks has been a great contribution that has shaped the Western civilization.

Another of the Greeks’ contributions was said in Document 3. Document 3 is an excerpt from Pericles’ Funeral Oration in Athens. This document describes Athens’ plan of government. A government called democracy where everyone has equal rights and say in the government, and the equal chance in life in social standing and a hope for no discrimination from race or the poor. Government has definitely contributed to the Western civilization since the United States uses the same type of government as Athens, a democracy, but ours is indirect since we elect representatives in our government unlike Athens whom directly voted. Hence, government from the Greeks has been a long lasting contribution that has affected the Western civilization.

One of the Greeks’ contributions was also said in Document 5. Document 5 is an excerpt from the Elements which was written by Euclid, a mathematician. This document is a proposition, or theorem by Euclid that stated that “If two straight lines cut one another, the vertical, or opposite, angles shall be equal.” With this theorem life is much simpler because if a person knows one of the angles then they know all of them. Another mathematician was Pythagoras who created the Pythagorean theorem which is used today to calculate distance in space and used to prove right triangles. Therefore, mathematics is another contribution from the Greeks to the Western civilization.

Another of the Greeks’ contributions was shown in Document 7. Document 7 is a photograph of the Parthenon in Athens. The Parthenon created a new feature of buildings that was used in the United States called columns. Columns were large pillars that held up the things above it. Along with being able to support a lot, columns could be off or not even strait, yet they still had the appearance of being at perfect ninety degree angles. The trick was that the columns got narrower as they went up. After all, architecture was another contribution from Greek that has affected the Western civilization.

Last of the Greeks’ contributions was shown in Document 8. Document 8 is another photograph, but of Myron’s famous marble sculpture of The Discus Thrower which represents an Olympic event, discus. This document shows that the Greeks valued physical fitness. Also that they liked to compete in being physically fit, hence the creation of the Olympics. Today the Olympics are still held with more events which include winter events like skiing, and our Olympics don’t include any death matches and are not preformed in the nude anymore. In summary, physical fitness is another contribution form Greek that has affected the Western civilization.

What would we be without the contribution of ancient Greek? Would we have been able to do the same as them if we had been put in their situation, and contributing to the next generations? From the contributions from ancient Greek, the Western civilization has been affected greatly in architecture, government, philosophy, mathematics, and athletics.

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