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Ancient Greek Legacy

The legacy of ancient Greece on today’s world.

The word legacy means anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or a Predecessor. The ancient Greeks have left the modern world many legacies, one of which is the many ways we have used their language to create our own.

The Ancient Greeks played a very important role in the creation of the alphabet. One way they played a part was their creation of vowels. The ancient Greek alphabet was the very first to contain vowels. Another part the ancient Greeks played was in the creation of the word alphabet. The word alphabet was made when the first two letters of the ancient Greek alphabet (Alpha and Beta) were joined together, hence alphabet.

Modern day English still use some of the words the ancient Greeks had created. Some of these examples are: ‘Democracy’ meaning “government by the people”. We have a form of democracy in Australia and this is a legacy of the Athenians and their assemblies and councils. ‘Autopsy’; means a postmortem or examination or a personal inspection and this was based on the Greek word autoptes meaning “eye witness”. ‘Theatre’ the same word is used today and also most modern theatres follow the original Greek idea of a theater. “Eureka”; meaning “I have found it” or an exultant cry of joy at the discovery of something and this comes from the Greek “heureka” meaning “I have found it” which was first used by Archimedes the great mathematician who died in 212bc.

The Greek alphabet goes something like this:

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