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Are There any Limits in an Election Year?

The latest attempt to take supports away from Democrats.

Christopher Stevens, the U.S. Ambassador killed in the Libyan riot, is now the Republican Party’s poster child. He was intentionally sent to Libya because he was gay. I was the sole target at the Embassy because of his orientation. Other vile acts were perpetrated on him, again, because he was gay and that is what they do to gay people.

Can we say propaganda?

This is nothing but a desperate ploy to degrade our current administration and gain votes in the November election. The sad thing is, people believe it. I have seen posts on social media sites from educated individuals that are 100% taken in by this “news”/

A few simple tips to when evaluating “news”:

1.      If there is an unnamed source or a source only known by a nickname, question its authenticity.

“Dino” told this story. The last Dino that I knew was Fred and Wilma’s dog. I don’t think he would be telling the world someone’s secrets. He was pretty good at keeping Fred’s, unless Fred was in trouble.

2.      If there are no other supporters of the idea, it is probably the thoughts, feelings, creations of one person.

Even the news organization that was quoted says the information is false.

3.      Check the track record of the person making the claims.

The story was started by a man who has attempted to start a rumor that President Obama is also gay. Wouldn’t that be great? Our for gay president!

We need to realize that this time of year we will be inundated by lies, tall tales, and stretched truths, all in the name of winning votes. 

Was Ambassador Stevens gay? Does it really matter? He was obviously a qualified diplomat that had done his job very well. I am sure his death will be mourned by many people. He died in the line of duty and deserves the respect of every citizen of this country instead of having his name tarnished for the sake of garnering votes. 

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