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Barack Obama Prophecy

Is Barack Obama in prophecy?

An Italian prophecy, made in the the 1950’s, compares Obama to Franklin Roosevelt predicting an economic depression worse than the one in the 1930’s. In the 1930’s, Roosevelt had to create a new policy to fight the depression called New Deal and was called socialist by many people. Roosevelt won the election in 1932 at the depths of the Great Depression. A very similar thing happened to Obama. In a few areas in the United States, such as Los Angeles, the situation today is worse than in the 1930s. The state is helping 10 times the number of people it helped in the 1930’s and Los Angeles is only 3 times bigger. So the prophecies is partially fulfilled. It’s not totally fulfilled because it also predicts a war between the United State and Russia after the crisis.

Another authentic prophecy about Obama is Brazilian and was written in the 1920’s in a book called The Black President. The novel predicted a time in a year composed of 8 and 2 when the Black President will be the United States President and the United State population will be 300 million people. Obama has been President since 2008. Many other predictions were made in this prophecy, most of them correct, a few of them inaccurate.

It also predicted that “people will not go to the office everyday in a streetcar, they will work at home and will radiate the job done to the office”, which seems to be a prophecy about telecommuting and Internet.

The writer named Monteiro Lobato a well-known in Brazil today wrote the book, subtitled The American Roman in 2228, which he tried unsuccessfully to publish in the US. The book was published in Brazil, though. It’s about a future election in the US. Basically this is the story summed up.

A character in the book named Jane looks into a machine we could translate as “futuroscope” where she can see the future. What did Jane see? Jane saw a black man as US President in a distant year composed with 2’s and an 8’s, when medicine would be highly advanced and able to create doubles of human beings as clones and people would have their hair straightened. According to the book, a black man would be running for election against a white woman, and both were Democrats. The white Republican man would be trying for re-election. The final winner is the “Black President”. At that time, the United State population would be 314 million people, while today it is approximately 304 million and will probably reach 314 million in about 3 or 3½ years when Obama would still be in office, if elected. The book isn’t precisely accurate, one may say, but the number of right predictions is highly impressive as it is the black president prophecy first ever predicted in the History of the US for a year done with 2 and 8.

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