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Black People Were Used for Radiation Experiments

Not animals but living people were used to test a new product in a hospital; african american young children!

We already knew about the experiments on people in the second world war so this is not shocking for us anymore I do not have to tell you the awful things done to people that led to an early dead off those people.

But did you know about the experiments on african-american black people not so many years ago in America?

In the news a black old man who couldn’t hold it any longer a secret. His emotions; he could not handle it anymore and he wanted to tell his awful story in history time. When he was a 5 year old boy he was taken to a hospital in America.

He was not alone, several children, black children were taken to this horror hospital! As an experiment about radiation. The children got a beam of radiation on their heads.

One time a nurse screamed: O no, I gave him to much! They were treated like animals, rabbits for experiments for products to use for other people in general but first they had to test the product. So they took black children!

The man, he and some off his friends still have severe  great wounds/ holes in their heads because off the radiation beams, not normal! What was the reactions off their parents however?

Did they get money for it or did they not know? The story does not provide this information so I miss this information. Because now it looks like the white people in America were so wrong but did the parents knew about these events? I

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You can watch and read this story by clicking on this link:

warning: the picture can scare you!

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