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Breaking News: Obama Wanted by His Granny to Return to Islam

She made the journey to Mecca. Sarah Obama now has something important to tell her grandson. Read on..

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US President Barack Obama had his grandmother make a long journey to Mecca and join the rest of the pilgrimage. White house sources and media reports have revealed that the granny now wants Obama to convert to Islam faith.

The grandmother Sarah Omar Obama, 88, claimed that she prayed for Obama and wanted him to join Islam. She later gave a media interview to stress her point in Jeddah after she had performed Hajj holly event.

The honorable Mama Sarah was in Saudi Arabia on pilgrimage and she was accompanied by her son, Obama’s uncle Saeed Hussein Obamain addition to other Muslim siblings.

From the white house sources, the revelation is quite clear that some Americans believe Obama is a muslim. In one poll, last August roughly one in five Americans believed that Mr Obama was a Muslim by faith, a claim which was officially categorically denied by the White House. But whether the world most powerful man is Christian or Muslim the biggest challenge for him is uniting the Muslim and Christian world on a thin line of terrorism threats.

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