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Building the Great Wall

About the emperor Shi Huangdi and his contribution to the Great Wall of China.

Shi huangdi built the great wall to keep out the Mongolians. His job was made easier by the existing tower built by the past rulers. Still it wasn’t easy to build. The walls went all the way to the mountains and has 10 000 beacon towers and 20 000 wall towers. Shi huing gi built it with 30 000 slaves, soldiers, construction workers and prisoners. When the workers died the were buried in the wall, making it the longest graveyard in the world. The wall was 7 metres tall and 5 metres wide, and made by local earth and brick.

The great wall was such a good defence because the Mongolians were good on horse back having trained there whole life on them. As well as the great wall he built 5 major roads connecting to other lands to unit china. Majorly they were made of rammed earth, and together they measured 5,500 km, more that the roads of the hole roman empire and um on the other roads he made juts in the road so that the cart could drive more safely.

King zhung having already called his kingdom the mandate of heaven decided to call him self shi Huangdi. He then influenced china into some of the great changes that made it what it is today. Some of the changes were: he made weights & measures to help tax collectors, and made the whole of china have the same currency to stop confusion, he also reduced the amount of characters In the Chinese alphabet, and china today uses nearly the same writing today. He also fixed and widened broken roads, so his armies could march to war quicker and goods could be transported quicker for less stress. All in all, he was a great emperor.

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