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Bull Fighting Goes Wrong

When they can fight a bull, they can get a hit, but not like this one..

Cristobal Piñero Is in shock after the attack of a bull with as weight 900 kg! the 59 year old Spain toreador suddenly got attacked by a bull in Monovar, the bull throwed the toreador 2 times in the air and he walks over him, his reaction was: Only because i turned my head away, im alive”, the toreador has a broken shoulder, wrest en 2 broken ribs, doctors says he has lucky, after all he said that its his last bull fight ever.

Cristobal Piñero was born to be a good footballer but after a an injured knee, he couldn’t play anymore in second class Murcia. His other passion was bull fighting, but also he gived it because he got an child that was born, but after 10 years when his children were grew up, he started the bull fighting, it almost ended wrong at the 7-days at Monovar.

Cristobal Piñero:” It actually was my own fault, i just taked to much risks and thinking nothing could happen to me, i never though the bull went that fast on the pyramid. He taked me with his horns, lifted me up in the air, when i fell down and saw him coming, i was thinking its my last hour, lucky i kept my head with it because seconds after his horns came after my head and i could turn it so he didn’t hit otherwise i wouldn’t be here.”

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