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Burma 1942, Evacuee List, World War Two. Burma and India

The Evacuee List of Europeans, Anglo-Indian and Anglo- Burman during World War Two.

My family was listed on the 1942 Evacuee list from Burma during world war two to India. My family name is Saviel and they are my grandfather and grandmother my father his brother’s and sister’s.

They move from 493/26th Street, Maymyo, Burma to 172/1 Lower Circular Road, Calcutter, India with the British 14th Army R.A.M.E. in Burma .

They moved on the 23 March 1942 , they are Mr and Mrs E.Saviel and Miss M. Saviel  P.W.I, Burma Rlys, Miss M Saviel was a Teacher. Mr B. Saviel, Miss D.H. Saviel, Mr W.Saviel and Mr H. Saviel  was All in the Army.

Also on the Evacuee list is on the 30 th of June was Saw Dallah  from Prome, Burma.  Who was working for the Steel Brothers. Move to  India in 1942.

During world war two the British 14th Army under General William .J Slim went out of Burma to India after the Japanese Army invaded Burma in Febuary 1942.

If any one know more about the war in Burma let me know at  I hope to have some more information on my family history during World War Two. in Burma and India. And more information on the British 14th Army in Burma and India.

George T Saviel

03 May 2010

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