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Chris Matthews So Glad Hurricane Sandy Hit to Show The Nation How to Vote

While the nation was receiving the news that President Obama was reelected on Tuesday, Chris Matthews was taking the opportunity to callously politicize a tragic event in American history, Hurricane Sandy.

We’ve all heard Chris Matthews make offensive, idiotic, self-absorbed, bias, and even racists comments and gaffs in the past on his Hardball show on MSNBC. However, aside from his 2008 comments about how Hillary Clinton had only achieved her status as a Senator and presidential candidate  because her husband screwed around, I don’t recall him ever apologizing for any much.  

Just a few weeks ago, I watched Matthews berate a man after the man asked a critical question of Obama shortly after Benghazi. Matthews, in his usually Obama-attack-dog mode, cut the man off, telling him to pick up a paper of watch the news and that Benghazi was about a video. Despite the fact that it came to light Benghazi wasn’t about a video and questions indeed needed to be asked about the incident, Matthews never corrected his mistake, much less apologized for it.

So, it was shocking to read the headline on Yahoo News on Wednesday that Matthews had used  a few moments of his Hardball show to issue an apology to viewers for his offensive comments on election night, saying: “I said something terrible….I said something not just stupid but wrong.”

What could possibly get Matthews to actually apologize about something? In a nutshell, Matthews said he was “so glad” Hurricane Sandy hit and showed undecided voters how wonderful the President Obama is at coming together with Republican leaders, such as Gov. Chris Christie.

Of course, Matthews attempted to excuse, in part, the comment by pointing out that he had been on air for 10 hours prior to the comment and that he was deeply enmeshed in political thinking.  He did say that he simply wasn’t thinking about the horrible mess it made of lives.

My two cents:

 This is the reason people don’t trust the media. There are people on news-based stations, such as Glen Beck for example, that are not professional journalists. These people are mere pundits that offer their spin, opinion, or view of the “news.” However, Matthews is a professional journalist, and as such, he has an ethical responsibility to be better than this kind of B.S.!!!

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  1. manish007

    On November 9, 2012 at 7:33 am

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. catlord

    On November 9, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    awesome! And wasn’t it great and wonderful to see Obama ‘being the President’ and not ‘being on the campaign trail’ when he was needed to be in D.C. to help with State Governor’s requests for mobilizing assistance, etc… He won more than an election…

  3. RBB1010

    On December 11, 2012 at 3:07 am

    Good article, never been a Chris Matthew’s man, thanks for the post.

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