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Courage and Honour: Part One

The Templeton Family is an Upper Middle Class Victorian Family. Captain Andrew Templeton is a decorated war veteran, his wife has a mysterious past. They have six children, two girls and four boys, a relatively small family for the time.

Annabelle was very bored, her governess had given her a cross stitch pattern to work, and she hated the colours, they were drab and boring, she liked bright colours, yellow and purple and sapphire blue; particularly the sapphire blue, Papa had told her that her eyes were like sapphires. Papa was not boring like Mama and the governess Miss. Brown, who was as dull and boring as her name. 

She rose from the couch, and twirled in the middle of the room, she loved her new spring dress; it was lavender and had nosegays of pink and sprigs of green. Mama and she had picked out the fabric on a horrible winter day, when she had thought that it looked like spring, and it had cheered her up immensely. Annabelle hated winter. Annabelle had few neutral thoughts or feelings; she was not contemplative or serious in any way at all, to her all things were bright or dull, glorious or dreadful. 

Her only sister Charlotte, was quite unlike Annabelle, she was about to “Come out” in society and this was, in Annabelle=s view, quite a waste. At 18 she was just like Mama, old and boring; she did her needlework all day, and was in danger of needing lorgnettes her eyesight was so poor. This did give her a dreamy look, though it led to some very silly mistakes, such as when she thought her mother’s hat was the spaniel, and tried to shoo it off the chair in the drawing room! Annabelle had laughed so hard at that she had fallen down!

 Not that Charlotte was not pretty in her own way, she was just decidedly too prim for Annabelle’s taste, and did not know how to have fun. Frederick and George, her favorite brothers, knew how to have fun, George especially, he was close in age to Annabelle, and they had shared the schoolroom and the governess for years, inflicting their ”fun” on each new governess that came their way. Frederick however was away at Public School now. Albert, her oldest brother was away at sea, or something, she barely knew him he was so old! And Louis her youngest brother was just a baby and no fun at all. He was just like Charlotte, and loved his letters, so the governess just loved him too! Mama was convinced her youngest child would go into the Ministry - he was just so Good!

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