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Coy The Girl Transsexual Babe Beat Discrimination

Coy Mathis born baby but it feels baby. And everyone accepts it as such, except in his school: he was forbidden to use the ladies room. In an exemplary measure, the State of Colorado (U.S.) recognized rights. A story with a happy ending.

“Man,” said the midwife when Coy Mathis came into this world six years ago. However, soon after, he began to take his first steps, his parents recognized that he was not comfortable in that genre. From the beginning showed interest in things commonly associated with girls when I was five months took a pink blanket was for his sister Lily, never played with toy cars and refused to leave the house if dressed like a boy. That the depressed and isolated to the point of telling her parents that she wanted a doctor “the repair. ‘” Soon after came the diagnosis: it has a gender identity disorder that leads her to identify with the opposite sex. So today Coy is a babe, babe feels and is treated as such … except school.

His family complained and filed a lawsuit, after the school Eagle side, which attends first grade, he was forbidden to use the ladies room. At that time, his parents were afraid that she felt harassed and even stigmatized, and attended the Civil Rights Division of Colorado, a state agency deals with such cases. Meanwhile, she continued taking classes at home to avoid any inconvenience.

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Thanks to this, the State of Colorado recognized the right of Coy to share the bathroom with her companions. The authorities argued that since, in his opinion, prohibit you from using the female toilette “creates an environment both objectively and subjectively hostile and intimidating and offensive.”

“We are thrilled that Coy could return to school and will have the same rights as the rest of the girls. We are extremely pleased that it will be treated equally and we thank the conclusion reached by the Civil Rights Division “said Kathryn Mathis, mother of the child. And he said when asked by the media: “His future will be better if we got to a point where there is nothing to be ashamed of.”

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