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Decline of The Roman Empire Compared to United States

There were many characteristics that led to the clear decline and fall of the Roman Empire. What is startling is the many similarities that can be seen as the reasons why the Roman Empire fell and many characteristics that the United States also exhibits.

Karl Marx said, “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” This may hold true with the current decline of the United States repeating after the decline of the Roman Empire. Both the United States and Roman Empire have very similar reasons for their declines. The United States could learn from the mistakes of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire declined mainly due to public health issues, political corruption, unemployment, moral decline, and the vast size of the empire; the United States seems to be following in the footsteps of the Roman Empire.

The health of the general public has been a major determinate in the success of a nation, such as that of the United States and Roman Empire. The public health of the Roman people was decreased due to the aqueduct system in Rome, which were made out of lead. The lead then got into the water, which the people drank causing lead poisoning. Over time, the lead in the water led to a decrease in the mental capacity of Roman citizens, propelling the decline of the Roman Empire. While the United States does not suffer from many infectious diseases, it does suffer from another type of disease of obesity. Obesity, over time, could cause a decrease in the amount of work being completed overall in the nation. It could also coincide with a decrease in the length of life of citizens throughout the years, which could lead to a decline of the United States. Health directly affects the ability of a nation to complete important tasks that without would cause a major decline within the nation.

The Roman Empire and United States have political positions chosen with money as a major influencer. Political corruption was largely seen in Rome during its decline, the position of emperor was sold to the highest bidder. Corruption led to an unexpressed opinion of the general people, leading to an unsatisfied community of citizens. These leaders who then bought the position of emperor were highly ineffective and did not fulfill their duties as emperor. In order to run for political office in the United States, candidates must spend large sums of money on campaigns in order to win. In this manner, political offices can only be held by those wealthy citizens who can afford to run. The more money one is capable of spending, the greater chance that they have of winning an election. Corruption in government in the manner of finances being the major or only determinate in choosing leadership positions ultimately leads to a decline of nations.

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