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Effects of the Russian Revolution

Title says it all.

The Russian revolution is mainly characterized as the fall of the Czarist-autocracy.  From the ashes rose a new government, the communist.  Although it is good in theory, the communist government was a total fail in ways in Russia. It was not all bad though; the socialist government brought some welcome reforms to the people of Russia and surrounding republics.

Along with all of the suffering suffered during the revolution, and under the ruler Stalin there were some positives, such as, educational growth, equal rights to all the nationalities in the republic, and Russia emerging as a world power. 

Some global effects that have been felt, and still are occurring are; the spread of communism throughout the world (predominately in Cuba), a major blow to imperialism, and an increase in global tensions.  Russia still won’t let us forget about when we gave aid to the whites in the Russian Civil War.  This conflict eventually led to the Cold War.

Another major effect was the formation of the Soviet Union, which fell in 1991.  This brought together many of the republics around Russia under the communist party.  Although these states were in theory to have the same right and say as Russia, this actually didn’t happen.  It was very obvious that something only got done, if Russia wanted it to get done.  This was one of the factor is in its collapse in 1991.

Many of the effects of this revolution were based in Russia, but they were also globally focused. Without the rise of the Soviet Union, there might never have been a space race, therefore we maybe wouldn’t have all of the communication satellites and things of that nature that we have today.  So with out a doubt, the Russian revolution was important, and still does affect us to this day.

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