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Elvis Still Alive!

Does the king of rock n roll still walk the face of this earth?

The King apparently died August 16, 1977. But Elvis Presley, the sex symbol, the legend, the king of rock-n-roll, IS ALIVE and working as an undercover agent for the DEA. It had been rumored that he had died from a drug overdose. It is a well known and documented fact that Elvis had always been a strong believer and fighter against communism and drug use. In which he clearly stated with an interview with Richard Nixon. In Elvis’s last concert tour in the early summer of 1977, he left hints that he was not going to be around much longer in the public eye. Elvis had said several times in that tour, “I dont look very good now, but I will look good in my coffin”. The King also stated that he was tired of living the way that he was, and that his life would soon change. He also said he would be just himself instead of an image Hollywood created for him. The number of Elvis sightings per year in any city varies inversely with that city’s distance from Graceland. Last year, there were 88 Elvis sightings in Washington, D.C. If Washington, D.C., is 875 miles from Graceland, then how many Elvis sightings were there last year in Philadelphia, which is 1,000 miles from Graceland?I got 77 as my answer, am I correct? Over the years there have been frequent reports of people who claim to have encountered him, and even to have come to know him well, in a range of different identities. If Elvis were alive today he would be 76. So you be the judge is he alive or dead?

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