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England vs.. Spain: New World Colonization

England and Spain were locked in combat over the new world. Each country wanted to colonize it before the other. Who became the true victor? Read on to find out.

    Britain and Spain have been rivals for a long time, and while they were settling
the new world, they had some problems. The Spanish had claimed the New World as their own, and when England moved in, Spain became angered. At first, due to changes in the church with the rise of Protestantism, England pulled back from the Americas. They later returned due to their need to find new markets, and growing competition with Spain. Even though England was the leading Protestant power in Europe, Spain was still a great Catholic power, and tried to push the views of Catholicism on others. England also helped the Netherlands, a former part of the Spanish Empire, rebel and convert to Protestantism. England told it’s privateers to attack Spanish ships, which slowed down the colonization for Spain. Further fighting and disputes also made it difficult for Spain and England to colonize the new world.
    The new world already had people on it when the Europeans landed. The people had lived there for ages, and were not as technologically advanced as the Europeans, making them an easy target. For example, Spanish commander Diego Velaquez brought troops into Cuba, and claimed control of the population there. Doing so exposed the Indians there to small pox, and killed thousands. Cortes, another famous Spanish General, fought and captured many ancient nations, such as the Aztec, for resources such as gold. The Spanish army captain, Francisco Pizarro, was exploring the West coast of South America, when he encountered a civilization called the Incan Empire. He eventually assumed full control over them. While the Spanish was torturing the South American and Central American societies, other parts of Europe like England and France were creating problems with the Native American population in North America. They tried to convert many of them to their own religion, and made bad trades, abusing the Native American’s trust.

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