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Evaluation Topics of Jackson’s Presidency

Famous President Jackson. Few bullet points to help guide you to your paper writing.


-The Nullification Crisis: During the nullification crisis jackson held his ground and told south carolina that they couldn’t seceed from the nation or he would send troops.

-The Spoils System: Jackson created the spoils system which encouraged rotation in office in order to prevent any corruption in the government. 

-He had a super-sweet wig. That was his biggest strength. People would look at that wig and think; “man, that dude’s wig is righteous, i’d better do what he says”. His weakness was his legs. He had skinny little legs, and everyone called him Chicken man behind his back. Once, he kicked a peice of paper and broke an ankle. Everyone laughed so hard that he had to go out and get an even bigger wig to make up for it.

-He’s already on the $20 bill


-Indian removal: The Indian Removal Act was one of the most controversial things jackson did. The supreme court ruled that the Cherokee Indians could stay where they were. However, jackson countered the court and sent troops to move the cherokee indians out. This resulted in the ‘Trail of Tears’ which killed over 4,000 indians due to the harsh conditions of the move.

-National Bank Veto: during jackson’s presidency he vetoed the renewal of the national bank and divided up the US funds into state and local banks. This all led to his Specie Circular [required people to pay in gold and silver not paper money] and a depression which was taken on by van buren, the next president. 

• He was the first president to ride on a railroad train, the first to be born in a log cabin and the first president to be nominated by a political party.

• He survived the first attempt to assassinate a president.

• He is known historically for creating a strong executive branch.

• At age 13, while serving in the army, he was captured by the British. The British officer in charge ordered Jackson to clean his boots. Jackson refused; the officer struck him with his sword, leaving Jackson’s face and hand permanently scarred.

Additional Details:

Jackson was mostly known for his Indian Removal Act of 1830. He basically forced all the Indians to move westward, around Oklahoma and such. Read up on Trail of Tears and determine yourself if his presidency was a success or a failure.

One of the four candidates of the “corrupt Bargain” of 1824.

Had strong appeal in the West.

He had as many votes as his next two rivals combined, but didn’t win majority of electoral vote.

Jackson liked to be he heard and had people working for him in each state trying to pursuade people to vote for him.

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