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Factors Encouraging Unionization And Its Lack of Success

How unions part of large businesses were established and who were standing in the way of them. What factors encouraged unionization and what factors led to the ultimate lack of success of the Union Movement during the period of 1877- 1900?

The main factors that encouraged unionization during the time period of 1877 and 1900 was the large number of severe casualties done to hardworking laborers. Many workers would most of the time work around the factory and would find human body parts jammed into the machinery. Also women and children would be brutally forced to work long hours at little or no pay. Besides the fact that workers were horribly treated, they would work endlessly for long hours at a time and be so exhausted that they fell asleep in their place.

By going through this painful anxiety to support one and their family, a large group of almost 80,000 people fought for what they knew was right. They gathered in a large area and demanded 8 hour working days. Workers couldn’t work long hours anymore and they decided things needed to change for the best. So the main reason for the development of unions was the fact that hardworking laborers were suffering at work and were in desperate need of change and by forming unions they would protest in large numbers to get what they wanted instead of having one person fight for his/her rights they could now fight for what they wanted together.

What lead to the ultimate lack of success of the union movement is mainly the fact that business leaders were always managing to find ways to stand in the way of giving their employers what they wanted. They couldn’t stand to lose anymore money for their workers and didn’t want to pay union costs. All they wanted was to have people who did their jobs, didn’t complain, and then go home. They got exactly what they wanted later on as immigrants came into the country.

As incoming immigrants came into the U.S they were in desperate need of jobs. Lucky for most of them they could get jobs in place of the people who wanted unions. This was a great advantage towards business owners because now they could pay laborers at very low costs not having to worry about any unions trying to get descent work days. As for union workers, most of them had to look for work elsewhere and union workers who stayed were forced to work independently and dreadfully in the same conditions as the immigrants.

Business owners were very happy with the outcome that they have encountered seeing that the more money they didn’t give their workers, the more money they had for themselves. Besides the fact that business owners were happy, hardworking laborers were also happy that they were getting jobs especially because they have just arrived in a new country and have something to support themselves and their families. Even though unions were being outrun with immigrant workers, businesses haven’t seen the last of them yet.

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