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Five Famous Bookies or Bookmakers Who Worked Legally or Illegally!

Famous Bookmakers or Bookies who operated Casinos, betting and Game fixing.

Martin Krugman

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Martin Krugman was born in New Jersey in 1919 and was declared dead in 1986 and was an associate of the Lucchese crime family. He started his career with a hair salon and even though was a family man and married to a beautiful wife was a womanizer in habit and liked the company of local prostitutes. Later he sensed his abilities to become a Bookmaker and indulged into gambling circuits by lending money to gamblers. He also linked to other powerful people to help himself gather his money lent to the gamblers. He was killed by Jimmy Burke following some business disputes. Chuck Low as “Morrie Kessler” has depicted his character in the movie “Goodfellas” in 1990.

Frank Rosenthal

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Frank Rosenthal was born in United States on June 12, 1929. He hosted televisions talk shows in Las Vegas, worked as a casino executive and was a sports handicapper. He operated his racket of fixing the matches and sports through his casinos. During his career as a Bookmaker he faces lawsuits and also survived assassination attempts. After being Black Listed he was forced to leave Las Vegas in 1988 but he still operated his casinos through websites. He died in 2008 at his home in Florida due to heart attack.

Joe Manri

Joe Manri was born in 1932 and was associated with thefts, hijacks and Lufthansa heist. He worked as the cargo handlers at JFK for Air France and used his position at the airport for his criminal activities. During his career at airport cargo in 1967, more than $2000,00 were reported to be stolen along with many other precious items such as diamonds, wigs and musical instruments. Later Joe also indulged into car stealing and his character has been portrayed as Joe Buddha in the movie “Goodfellas”, 1990.

Barney Eastwood

Barney Eastwood born in Ireland, 1932 was connected to Irish boxing as a bookmaker and promoter. His friend introduced him to boxing early in his life from Country Cork and after getting married at the age of 19 he started his own local boxing club and a pub with few assistants. While he operated around 50 Boxing betting shops he also helped few boxers in their career.

Victor Chandler

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Victor Chandler, the chairman of Victor Chandler International is quoted as “The Gentleman Bookmaker”. He was the pioneer in the online gambling and online poker games by moving his business offshore. He also then started to accept the clients from offshore and acquired license for betting in Gibraltar in 1999.  His betting area includes not only the online casinos but also the racecourses and other sports betting. According to Sunday Times he was ranked as the 362nd richest man of the world.

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