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For The Man Who Pleased Everyone

The parents, the friends, even the terrible friends…. so much was given up.

Nathan knew something about self sacrifice

in fact he knew too much

He was the kind type

The selfless type

Heck there are people Nathan would die for

not that those people would die for Nathan in return

The insufferable kind of people

The kind of people that Nathan would restrain himself from saying anything bad about

because Nathan knew something about restraint

Every mean phrase

Every hurtful truth

Every thing that needed to be said

was merely being bottled by Nathan’s mind

every thing that should have been released

digging into the cores of Nathan’s Sanity

and Nathan would continue to give

he would continue to love

he would continue to sacrifice so much for others

but when Nathan developed OCD

when he would develop these “strange” habits

he considered it fair

who needs Sanity?

who needs dignity?

who needs Self Respect?

all of it was trash…

the  fat of life itself

Nathan loved people

Nathan loved them too much

and when Nathan’s time would come

There would be very few people at that funeral

Liked it
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