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George Washington vs. Bolivar

Comparison of George Washington and Simon Bolivar.

George Washington vs Bolivar
Owen White

George Washington and Simon Bolivar are both very unique people who greatly influenced the revolutions they where part of. One major effect on both of them was the pressure the Europeans pushed on them and forced them toward revolution. These two have many similarities, Bolivar even considered the South American George Washington. But with all similarities there are differences that can influences a person and how they revolt. Overall both where extremely important to the revolution they where part of.(1)

Like all revolutions the ones in the Americas had a spark that started it all. In Latin America Bolivar had been limited his entire life due to where he was born. This feeling was throughout he people of Latin America due to the social system the Europeans placed(4). This same limitation system was in the Colonies and was an overall dislike. Another factor that lead to the revolution for Latin America was the Napoleonic Wars that focused Euro powers to look homeward. For the Americas just a pure pressure and limitations the British put on them was enough to push them to the edge with some encouragement from people such a Thomas Paine. In America George Washington had a great impact by singly starting the French Indian war. The war forced Britain to buckle down on America and this didn’t hep the dislike toward them. Bolivar personally had control of the army and worked to start a revolution. Without these people the revolutions in the Americas might not have had the same effects.(2)

Washington and Bolivar had many similarities that showed how great mind think alike. With Bolivar being called the George Washington of South America then there is no need for explanation. Both leaders where born in the Americas, as well as had their parents die at a young age, leaving them to friend that were very wealthy.Well at a young age both became very well versed in the sport of horseback riding. Once the revolution started both found that they where leading the underdog army. With their army both fought for independence from their controlling power. Once the revolution was over both assumed the position of leader the very first of each of their country’s. As with all similarities there are differences, and these two where very different in some aspects.

Bolivar may be the Southern George Washington but that doesn’t mean he is the same in every way. One of the major differences was that Washington owned slaves and Bolivar didn’t. One thing that influenced Bolivar was that was taught in Europe well Washington never left the colonies.(3) Once the revolution had ended Washington was elected by the people to server as their leader while Bolivar wasn’t. After eight years Washington gives up power and is loved by the people. Bolivar on the other hand was forced into exile from his home country. Their differences my be what separates them but it truly binds them closer together as similar people.

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