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Germany Was Mainly Responsible for Starting The War, But Other Powers Should Accept Some of The Blame

The First World War and the debate about Germany being responsible for starting the war and not othe factors like the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

Was Germany the main responsible for starting the First World War? In my opinion I think it is but also do not forget about the other powers too, they also contributed to this huge event so they also need to take some of this blame.  Some historians say Germany was the main responsible for this First World War but other historians disagree with these points of views sustaining it with concrete evidences.

There are many reasons why Germany is considered the main responsible for starting the war:

Firstly, I am going to start with the Schlieffen Plan. This plan consisted in that Germany would first invade France through Belgium and then attack Russia before it had successfully mobilized their troops. The cause Britain joined the war was because everyone in Europe had signed a treaty in which said that Belgium should stay as a neutral state in times of war; so when France requested for help to Britain, after Germany had already taken Belgium, Britain decided to join the war to stop Germany from expanding more and gain more power.

Secondly, Germany gave Austria-Hungary the “Blank Check”. This act showed that Germany was looking for a war, as a “black check” mean that Austria-Hungary could put his own rules and Germany will always support them.

Thirdly, Germany having its own navy provoked Britain to go to war. British did not like this idea as Germany would become even more powerful having its own navy and start to win control over Europe.

Fourthly, Germany allied with and told Austria-Hungary that if Serbia did not accepted Austria-Hungary’s rules they both would start a war against Serbia. And Austria-Hungary was also looking for a war against Serbia as one of the Serbians assassin Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo. This is the reason why Germany and Austria-Hungary went to war against Serbia. And Serbia was allied with Russia, and Russia was allied with France and Britain, the First World War started in Europe.

But other powers should accept the blame also because of this:

Austria-Hungary with the assassination of the heir of the throne, Franz Ferdinand, in Sarajevo is also considered as one of the main causes for the outbreak of the First World War as this action was made by a Serbian and Serbia with Austria-Hungarians were having struggles. So this was also a main cause.

Also the alliances of each country had struggles with other countries like because of colonies, Economic issues, etc.  And these rivalries caused a major war which is the First World War.

In conclusion, we can tell that Germany was the main responsible for all this reasons and Britain, Russia, France, Austria Hungary and Serbia need some of the blame also as they contributed to this outbreak. All this events connected to each other and caused the First World War.

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