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He Bought His Coffin, Dug His Grave as He Waits for Death

Have you ever heard of this man called Mr. Martin Shikuku? Ever seen him or interacted with him? Yes. He is a Kenyan politician. He is a former Member of Parliament representing Butere constituency in Western Kenya. But most unique, he is the first and perhaps the last Kenyan to prepare for his death and funeral.


The preparation has nothing to do with acquiring an insurance cover. No. He has indeed prepared for death – put literally. In the year 2004, Shikuku, commonly known as the son of Oyondi took a bold step. He hired young energetic men to assist him dig his own grave. He chose the site, took the measurements and decided how deep it should be.


For a complete dose, Shikuku went to a shop and purchased his own coffin. He decided on the shape, color, and size. His reason? That he does not want people to fundraise for his funeral when he dies.


When he did it, Luhya elders said that he had dared death, and it would come for him soon. But it is seven years down the line. He is not dead. Though he is sure of one thing; that one day he will die, and so, he knows where he will be buried, and has a coffin that fits him for that matter.


Was this a genuine preparation, or was he trying to make a name? Of cause politicians are fond of big names. But is this particular method of making a name politically correct? I have no idea.



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