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History: A Collection of Different Events and Its Significance to Human Life

All of the past life experiences are being stored in a vault called history.

As people age, more and more learning are being added to his knowledge. All of his past life experiences are masked immensely within his memory and as he breathes further, these experiences can form part of history. When you look at the definition of history on any book, you will come across explanations similar to a collection of different events or things that could explain how good or appalling the things went on previous generations.

Some Important Historical Events

History can be traces back 1950 B.C. when Hammurabi becomes king of Mesopotamia, and form a code of laws which includes “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. Alexander the great was born on 356 B.C. and in 210 B.C. an emperor named Shihuang died and buried with 8000 life-size terra cotta military

During present times, history is also commemorated by means of celebrations and festival. In Argentina, for example, every first of November are being celebrated as the Day of the Gaucho, a cultural event celebrated for ranch owners that last for more than a week which are being held in Las Palmas, south of Buenos Aires.

A traditional lantern festival was also being celebrated in China for over 4000 years ago to popularize Buddhism beliefs all over China.

In Cuba, the Act of Commemoration was being held every July 26. It started since 1953 and held to honor the birth of Jose Marti, a Cuban writer and patriot, the commemoration ends with a gun firing after the reading of martyr’s names.

Significance of History on Contemporary life

History is a part of our life, and each person must acquire knowledge of his nation’s historical facts to be considered a true blooded citizen of his country. Understanding our nation’s history requires not only reading books and head knowledge stories of our country’s heroes and heroine but making a full grasp its significance in the nation.

Even children wanting to hear bedtime stories can form part of history. Everyone were once children too and like them they also beg on their knees just to make their parents narrate stories about their birth, how they look like when they first see the light of the world or who their ancestors were.

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