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History of Germany- Hitler’s View on Women

Here’s a historical account on how Hitler views Women.

Hitler has always had a typical view on women. He thinks that women should be a supportive wife and mother.

Therefore, in 1933, he created the Law for Encouragement of Marriage:

Newly wed couples received 1000 marks, and if they had one child, they could keep 1/4 of the money, and a second child, 2/4, third child 3/4 and fourth, all the money. Couples were encouraged to have at least 4 children.

Women were also encouraged to followed the 3 Ks: Kinder, Kirche, Kuche (Children, Cooking, Church)

Women were forbidden to:

-follow fashion

-put make up on

-tie hair up


-wear trousers

Every year on the 12 August (Hitler’s mother’s birthday) the Honour Cross of German Motherhood would be awarded to the mother who had the most children.

There was a place called Lebensborn where unmarried women could go to have children.

In 1933, advertisements of contraception was banned. Abortion was made illegal. Women with professional jobs were dismissed.  Marriage loans were granted to women who successfully leaves their jobs.

In 1935, Aryan (German perfect race) were not allowed to marry Jews.

In 1936, women who had mental or physical illnesses were sterilised in case they gave birth to ‘un-perfect’ babies, threatening German’s ‘perfect’ race.

In 1937, the law about marriage loans were revoked.

In 1938, there was recruitment for women workers, for there was lack of men.

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