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How Did Adolf Hitler Rise to Power?

Adolf Hitler is a name you often come across. Not in the names of heroes, or symbols of excellence, but as a notorious dictator who was responsible for the extermination of six million Jewish citizens.
However, despite his infamous acts of cruelty, it is still important to understand HOW this man rose to power? How did he turn from nobody to Germany’s most powerful leader. How?

Reasons for Adolf Hitler rise to power:

1. The Great Depression

On October 24th, 1929, the Wall Street Market located in New York crashed. Sales plummeted and many American citizens lost their jobs. Adolf Hitler at that time, had around 20 seats in the Reichstag Parliament. Now you might be thinking, what has this got to do with 1) Germany 2) Adolf Hitler and his ascent to power. Well, the Wall street crash had profound effects all across the globe. Germany, unfortunately, was hit particularly hard.

Why? In 1924, Germany received loans from America, loans with an astronomical figure, something like 1 billion US, to finance on industries destroyed in World War I and to pay back for the Treaty of Versailles. When the US economy crashed, the US naturally withdrew the loans offered to Germany and asked for an immediate payback. This was disastrous to the German economy. The loans financed many jobs. Soon, employment soared up, at its peak 6 million.

That’s when Adolf Hitler comes into the picture. When the Germany economy crashed, people began to show discontent towards the Weimar Republic, which was the current Democratic German government at the time. People could not trust them anymore. Workers had no jobs, so in turn, changed towards extremists, such as the communists and the Nazis for an alternative solution towards their problems. Hitler being a excellent public speaker, excellently conveyed his ideas to solve the economic problems, which led to increased votes in the Reichstag.

2. The Nazi Party had excellent propaganda technique.

In the Nazi Party was one of the most talent propaganda ministers in the world, Josef Goebbels. His propaganda managed to brainwash the citizens to believing the the Nazi will solve all their problem and improve the nations employment. People actually believe the Nazi was doing it for all the better, thus the number of seats the Nazis possessed in the Reichstag.

3. The Treaty of Versailles

In 1919 June 25th, the Germans signed the treaty of versailles, symbolizing their defeat in World War I. To many Germans, in fact, most Germans, the Treaty of Versailles was a harsh, dicatated peace treaty with outrageous terms such as enormous reparation bills, military constraints and territorial loss. The Treaty of Versailles, speaking in a non-euphemistic way, ’screwed’ Germany up. It made them poor, and at many times, unstable. Hitler promised to overturn the terms in the Treaty of Versailles and supersede the limits set out by the treaties. This appealed to the people of Germany, which led to an increased number of voters.

4. Support of businessmen.

The businessmen supported Hitler. And guess what, businessmen are rich. They helped him with his campaigns, with his rallies, and obviously, they helped him increase his vote count. Why did they help him? Well, Hitler had one major competitor, the communists, and as well all know, communists are all very anti-business and do not believe in this idea of Profit. Well, businessmen work for profit, so logically, they hate communism and want to rid it. Therefore, they went to support the Nazi who were no liability to businessmen. Blahblahblah

Anyway, there are many more reasons for Hitlers rise to power but these four are very important,and if asked about, these four points are quite profound and effective.

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