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How Did Hitler Take Total Control of Germany After Becoming Chancellor?

An essay on how Hitler dealt with trade unions, other politcal parties and also the SA after he came into power.

How did Hitler take total control of Germany after becoming chancellor?

In January 1933 Hitler became chancellor, now all he had to do was to take complete control of Germany, but he had a number of obstacles in the way, such as Hindenburg, communists, social democrats, the army (the wehrmacht.)  As well as many others. For Hitler to become complete ruler of Germany he had to get a Majority in the Reichstag so he could pass his act, (the enabling act.) so he could do whatever he wanted.

Dealing with the communists:

For Hitler to deal with the communists he had to remove them completely, and lucky an opportunity came. The communists where dealt after the Reichstag was burned down, the fire was to believed to be started by a young Dutch communists called Van der Lubbe. It is widely thought that he might have been tricked into doing it as Van der Lubbe had metal problems. The response of the Nazi’s been to shoot, put in jail and beat up the communists and stick them into concentration camps. Hitler also banned the Communist party; this allowed him to get more seats in the Reichstag. After banning the Communists Hitler’s total vote had gone from 45% to 51%, he still needed to get another 15% to have a majority and then he can pass his act and have complete control.

The Nazi party got the support of the German Nationalists as well (as they had similar views) and now the Nazi party had a total of 60% in the Reichstag, Hitler just needed 7% more then he will have a majority. There were only two main parties left that if he did a friendship deal with he could get a majority, the social democrats and also the Catholic Centre Party. The Social’s would never do a deal with the Nazi’s, this just left the one party left, the Catholic Centre Party. Hitler luckily managed to sign a friendship deal with the Catholics; he said if they Catholics supported him he would leave them alone after they had pasted his act.

Passing the Enabling act/bill

On the 24th of March it was the date of the vote on to pass the enabling act or not, Hitler would require 66% of the vote to successfully get his act through the Reichstag. The vote was held in the Opera house due to the Reichstag having been burned down. Hitler filled it up with SA with guns to intimidate the parties against the Nazi’s, and would hiss and insult them as well. The act was passed through successfully from help with the Catholic Centre party and the German Nationalists. Now the act was passed Hitler could pass any new bill, act or law through the Reichstag without having a majority.

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