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How Did The Ancient Egyptian Civilization Begin? What Were Some of The Changes

What do you get when there is open land, fertile soil and animals? You get Egypt. Ancient Egypt was so fertile 40,000 years ago, and many people moved to Egypt.

Ancient Egypt was a productive country at that time because there was open land and fertile soil; people thought that it was a great idea to move to Egypt. Like with any other new civilization or cult, they didn’t have many people, as the years went by, Egypt’s population grew and there was a need for a new government–this ancient civilization started with two kingdoms–Upper Egypt in the south and Lower Egypt in the north. 

The year 3000 BC

When the Bronze Age started, the King of Upper Egypt took over the place of the King of Lower Egypt and made the ancient Egypt into one Kingdom, called Egypt. The new ruler of this new Kingdom became known as 
“the Pharaoh”

The year 525 BC

When the Persians conquered Egypt, Egypt’s history is divided into different time periods:

The Old Kingdom (2686-2160 BC) this is when the Egyptians built their first pyramids as tombs for their Kings and Queens. But sometime around the year 2200 BC there was an extreme change in climate, and Egypt was turned into smaller kingdoms. This period according to Historians is called the First Intermediate Period (2160-2040 BC).

During the year 2040 BC, the pharaohs pulled Egypt back together to form the Middle Kingdom (2040-1633 BC) it is important to note that the Middle Kingdom Pharaohs didn’t build pyramids anymore. One reason for this could be that they didn’t have the resources or the power like the pharaohs from the Old Kingdom did. 

During the year 1800 BC, the Middle Kingdom pharaohs lost the power to the Hyksos, and this is the Second Intermediate Period (1786-1558 BC) The Hyksos ruled Lower Egypt for sometime. The Hyksos brought horses with them, and thanks to them the Egyptian Army learned to use horses. While the Hyksos were ruling ancient Egypt and having a great time teaching the army how to use horses, the Egyptian pharaohs from Upper Egypt were planning to attack the Hyksos and push them out to reunite Egypt into one country again. Finally, during the year 1500 BC, the Egyptian pharaohs from Upper Egypt kicked out Hyksos and Egypt became one country–the New Kingdom (1558-1085 BC). 

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