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How Obama, Mandela & Lincoln are Related

Obama, Mandela & Lincoln, are they related? yes! there is a relationship between this gentlemen. If you take a DNA test on these men you will be surprised that they lack any relationship.

There is a uniqueness in them that makes them very close relatives. This people never went to particular special schools built for them. No. they were very ordinary as me and you. They pursued their studies with friends, played the ordinary games as we did at school. They too had those funny childhood fights and abuses and tried to borrow a cigarette in the search for a better live. This is not how they are related.

Lincoln Mandela and Obama are related and these are the facts to proof, prove me wrong.

Big hearts:

The trio have had big hearts, not in size, no, hearts with big love for humanity. The more you love humanity the bigger will be your heart. People who love much are loved more.

When Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa, after twenty seven years in jail, the world was waiting for one word from his mouth. Vengeance. That was never to be. Everybody expected blood shed between the blacks and the whites. But he shouted Love. Mandela’s very clear words were ‘let us forgive one another’. Those few words made him a legend. The rest of his life was in jail, and that could not build a legacy for him. Forgiving is godly. He accepted every one in his heart. Friend and the foe alike.

In his campaign for presidency Barrack Obama stood with his heart for America, and the world. It was his heart which caught the attention of every voter. It was his heart that took him this far. The glowing star!

Abraham Lincoln brought America to one voice with his heart. The world’s greatest economy was set above standards by the great big heart of one man. He wanted all humanity to be free. Slavery had to end. The bullet tried to stop him, but too late; he had accomplished his task before the assassination.


Faith in what we believe in is like a stepping stone to cross the river. A man sits in jail for 27 years short of one year the age of another who rose to be president. Mandela in jail for 27 years had faith that he was not to die in prison and came out to lead his nation. Faith drove Obama from the pity of an orphan to be the president of the worlds leading economy.

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