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If Obama Wants to be Re-elected, He Needs a Hispanic Female for Vice President

Why it would help Obama win re-election.

If Obama wants to win re-election, he should dump Joe Biden, and pick a hispanic female.

We all know that helping the economics, job market, and dealing with two wars aren’t going to help Obama.  Because even though Obama has killed Bin Laden with his bare hands, Obama hasn’t done much else as president other than being the first black president.  If Obama wants to gain more market share, he should get a hispanic female vice president.  He would gain both hispanic voters and female voters, on top of the guaranteed black voters.  It is a genius plan for re-election.  The hispanic population in America is massive, and there is no way Obama can be defeated by the Tea Potty with a hispanic female Vice President.

When Hilary Clinton leaves her position as Secretary of State, Obama should pick an Indian woman to take place.  Then all of the Indian people will vote for Obama.  Then Obama will have the black voters, hispanic voters, and Indian voters.

One thing Obama has been losing over the years is the excitement he had over young voters.  Here is my suggestion.  Obama should cameo on shows like Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Apprentice, Teen Mom, iCarly, etc. By doing this, he would regain the young voters.  Obama should also play more Xbox Live and chat with young people on how if he becomes president, he will make Xbox Live free.

Obama has run into many stumbling blocks as President.  But with a new vice president and a good marketing strategy, Obama can appeal to minorities, hipsters, teen mom’s, and convicts.  The Republicans won’t be able to compete because Republicans only appeal to old white people.

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